TCSG Foundation Emergency Response Fund

In times of crisis in Georgia, TCSG becomes a critical partner in response. TCSG personnel from around the state often step up to fill critical roles. TCSG colleges open their doors to provide space for crisis staging. TCSG campuses serve as critical hubs for communication links, providing security, food and water for first responders, fuel and transport of essential supplies and real-time coordination with responding agencies.


Whether it be industry demands, gaps in workforce, the safety and security of our communities, or the 350,000 students we serve, the Technical College System of Georgia responds to the needs of Georgians.

Critical Needs:

  1. Funds to provide computers and other technologies across TCSG for our students who do not currently own or have access to these items.
  2. Funds for books, fees and/or tuition for students who have been impacted by this crisis. These funds are critically important to keeping our students enrolled and on track to gainful employment.
  3. Funds to offset the costs for colleges that may have incurred significant expenses in response to the pandemic. Many colleges have stepped up to assist their communities.

Making a Difference:

The TCSG Emergency Response Fund will impact the lives of many Georgians by providing the following assistance:

  • Computers or other technology for online learning
  • Technological needs as a result of changes to service delivery to our students
  • Books, fees or tuition for students who’s college may have had to make adjustments in services in response to crisis
  • Support for behavioral intervention teams
  • Campus safety officer trainings and recognition
  • Educational materials/programs in preparation for and in response to crisis
  • Other items related to crisis response and management, campus security and preparedness

Ways to Support the TCSG Emergency Fund:

For More Information Contact:

Technical College System of Georgia Foundation
1800 Century Place
Atlanta, GA 30345
Juli Fields, Executive Director
Technical College System of Georgia Foundation
404.982.3498 W |706.340.9659 C |

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