Fund Descriptions

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Emergency Response Fund
To bridge the gap across TCSG and its 22 colleges when responding to the state’s needs during a crisis situation. Donations will help maintain responsiveness in times of struggle while continuing our commitment to our students, faculty and staff.

Adult Education/EAGELE – With limited state and federal funds available to deliver instruction to reach the more than 1.2 M Georgians without a high school diploma, additional funds are needed to reach more Georgians.  Contributions will be used where the need is greatest within Adult Education Programs. 

Amy Holloway Scholarship (SkillsUSA) – To benefit participants in the SkillsUSA program by providing financial support for tuition, fees, books, tools and supplies, or to cover expenses to attend the SkillsUSA National Conference.

Brenda Wise Scholarship- In 2014, after a courageous battle with cancer, our dear colleague, Brenda Wise, passed away. Brenda’s dream was to help students seeking their GED. The Brenda Wise Scholarship was created to fulfill her dream. 

Beverly E. Smith Scholarship—In honor of retiree Beverly E. Smith, the former Assistant Commissioner of Adult Education.  Contributions will support a scholarship to be awarded to the GED student who attains the highest score..

Certified Literate Communities (CLCP) – Nonprofit collaborative partners whose purpose is to promote, support, and enhance literacy efforts within a specific community.

GED Fee Scholarship– Contributions provide students with assistance in paying the GED testing fees. 

Georgia Occupational Award of Leadership (GOAL) Program—Contributions cover costs associated with this event and provide recognition for students as well as leadership development. GOAL winners represent the “new image” of Georgia’s technical colleges.

The Gretchen K. Corbin Last Mile Fund– The Gretchen K. Corbin Last Mile Fund provides financial assistance for those students who cannot afford to remain enrolled in school, thereby increasing retention and graduation rates across all 22 colleges within TCSG. 

Shirley Carver Miller Scholarship—Contributions provide funds to reward GED graduates by providing a financial incentive to work towards continuing their education at one of Georgia’s technical colleges.

TCSG Employee Scholarship- Established by the employees of the TCSG System Office and made available to employees and their immediate family members to offset the cost of educational expenses.

TCSG Public Relations Fund—Contributions provide funds to support educational, recognition, social, and cultural events and programs of the System; for hospitality extended to guests of the System; and attendance by members of the TCSG at receptions, dinners, and other events outside of the TCSG that are of significance to the System.  

TCSG General Scholarship- Offers assistance with the cost to attend college for students seeking a certificate, a diploma, or an associate’s degree. 

Veterans Initiatives– Contributions designated to provide support for military programs within TCSG.      

Unrestricted- Funds our areas of greatest need.