The Last Mile Fund Initiative

The Technical College System of Georgia (TCSG) Foundation established The Gretchen K. Corbin Last Mile Fund in 2016 to address the critical need for gap-funding for the more than 136,000 technical education students served within TCSG. The fund directly impacts the ability of TCSG’s 22 colleges to retain and graduate more students each year, thereby providing a stronger skilled workforce for our state.

In Fall 2018, approximately 5,700 students were released from their TCSG program due to an inability to pay tuition or fees owed to their respective college. Of those 5,700 students released from classes, 1,180 of them were released owing less than $500. The average amount owed was $250. Once a student has been released from their program of study, they are unenrolled from the college and forced to postpone, and sometimes quit, the pursuit of their degree, diploma, or certificate. This harsh reality leaves more Georgians without higher education and potential gainful employment opportunities.

Gap-funding from the Last Mile Fund provides direct and immediate assistance to these students and maintains momentum towards their college completion. Further, the need for TCSG students is immediate as over 75% qualified for some form of financial assistance in 2018. For this reason, the TCSG Foundation is proactively and diligently working to secure a stable financial future for our students through The Gretchen K. Corbin Last Mile Fund.

Your support will make a lasting impact on the lives of many students. Make your gift today!