The Last Mile Fund Initiative

The Gretchen K. Corbin Last Mile Fund focuses resources to support the achievement of two objectives: increasing the number of graduates and improving the student retention rate at all 22 TCSG colleges.

In 2016, the TCSG Foundation launched a new initiative to support our number one funding priority: financial assistance for TCSG students owing $500 or less in tuition, fees, or other academic expenses. The Gretchen K. Corbin Last Mile Fund was created to bridge the gap in funding for those students who cannot afford to remain enrolled in school, thereby increasing retention and graduation rates across all 22 colleges within TCSG. In spring 2017 alone, over 6,500 students were released from their TCSG program due to an inability to pay tuition or fees owed to their respective college. Of those 6,500 students released from classes, over 2,100 of them were released for owing less than $500. Under the direction of Governor Nathan Deal’s Complete College Georgia (CCG) Initiative, TCSG and the University System of Georgia (USG) address critical needs in Georgia’s Higher Education Completion Plan by collaborating on increased statewide retention and graduation rates. 

In 2017, the TCSG Foundation announced the fund would be called The Gretchen K. Corbin Last Mile Fund to honor the legacy of Commissioner Gretchen Corbin. A strong advocate for student success initiatives, former TCSG Commissioner Corbin was instrumental to the TCSG Foundation’s success and especially in regard to advocating for and executing the mission of The Gretchen K. Corbin Last Mile Fund.

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